Amy Briggs

Cinematographer & Post Production Editor


My name is Amy Briggs and I am an editor and cinematographer based in Stafford. I have a bachelor's degree in Digital Film and Post Production Technology from Staffordshire University. My interests lie mainly in post production, and I am skilled in Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects and Photoshop. I have worked on a number of short films but particularly enjoy being involved in music videos! Please use the links below to get in contact.


Recent projects

Black Magic - Music Video

Last year I completed my final year project, which is a music video based in the Harry Potter universe. I was interested by the rise of music video themes being taken from films, and wanted to create my own! I chose Harry Potter as a theme because of the easily recognisable costumes and locations. I had issues with actors, which ultimately changed the original look of the music video, but ended up working with Zoe Harvey, a Californian born model now living in Stafford.

We filmed using a Sony FS7 with external Odyssey recorder, which gave it a cinematic look similar to the Harry Potter films. Filming took place in a number of locations in the Midlands, and the beach scene was Black Rock Sands in Porthmadog, Wales. It was extremely cold and windy (and it was Zoe’s first time on a UK beach!).

Foul Play - Short Film

In 2018 I was also involved in the creation of a short film called Foul Play. The three team members and I were given a brief to create a short 3 minute film, with free reign over the whole ideas. We developed a story in which a man believes his wife has been kidnapped, while in reality she is a master of foley and sound manipulation! The film can be viewed in the player above.

We all pitched in in all aspects of the production, although I was the lead editor. The text bubbles were fun to create and made the scenes interesting to look at.

The actors were both Midlands based, the house belonged to one of the crew and the office was my old place of work, so everything was kept to a strict budget.

Amy Briggs